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A Southern Love Letter...

Spread The Love!

There is nothing more fitting than a post about barbecue this Fourth of July weekend! But this post is extra special because it allows me to introduce you to a new company and an old friend.  I fought the Facebook fascination for a long time vowing to not participate and get "sucked in".  But then I had so many family members and friends on the site that I gave in and gave it a try. With that decision, it opened up the path to reach more wonderful readers for my blog and to highlight products worthy of a love letter.

I love people with passion, those that take a passion for something and go for it! That is exactly what Spread The Love is all about, a father and daughter collaboration (it doesn't get any better than that!) with a passion for food, family and fun.  

Spread The Love celebrates the individual by offering made-from-scratch, artfully created, and delicious hot sauces. They use quality ingredients and creative execution to deliver a hot sauce that is not only tasty, but full of personality! 

From the website:

   "Spread the love is a  father, daughter collaboration. Charles DiBella has been working in the food industry for 25 years and has included his daughter Angela in everything. They share a passion for creating food together and this has been a project both are very excited about".   

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sample a few of their flavors...Bourbon Peach BBQ and the Tequila Lime. Both offer a unique fresh taste that not only "brings the heat" but a flavor to compliment any beef, chicken or seafood dish. The beauty of the sauces is that while they will add heat to your dishes it won't burn your mouth and make your dish inedible as so many hot sauces on the market do!

Here are a few dishes I have made this weekend to entertain and delight my family and friends...

Grilled Hot Wings by the pool...

Bourbon Peach and Tequila Lime Wings

We like to keep our wings whole but you can certainly cut them in to the more traditional wing and drumette pieces.  I marinated the wings for a few hours in a small amount of olive oil and two kinds of seasoning blends. I separated the wings to allow for two flavor options...Bourbon Peach and Tequila Lime.  I coated one batch with a Table Blend seasoning and the other with a Caribbean Citrus both offered by Mrs. Dash. I also added fresh lemon and lime juice to the Caribbean Citrus batch.  We grilled the marinated wings and at the end coated each batch with the hot sauce using a barbecue brush. I used the sauce sparingly on some to add just a "hint of heat" and generously to "turn up the heat" on others.  But regardless of the amount of heat you enjoy on your food these hot sauces brought the flavor!  I served with celery and carrot sticks with a side of our favorite Blue Cheese and Ranch dressing.   

Tip: Anytime you use a sauce to barbecue put the amount you need in a bowl so that you don't contaminate the rest of jar!   

Pulled Pork Sandwiches...after a day of boating! 

Bourbon Peach BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I wanted to participate in all the boating fun with my family and friends so I took advantage of my crock pot to ensure that I could! I bought a 4-5 pound lean Boston Butt, rubbed it down with a pork rub from McCormick and coated it with the Bourbon Peach BBQ Sauce. I put the meat in the crock pot before I started my day (around 8:00 am), turned it on low and hit the lake for some sun and fun! I cannot even put in to words the smell in the house when we returned around 4:00! I can use one word...Ahhmazzing!!
The meat just pulled apart using two forks to separate and did I mention the flavor...I think I heard angels...:-)

I served on delicious onion rolls with our favorite specialty store coleslaw and fresh steamed corn on the cob straight from the farmers market. I had planned baked beans on the side as well but everyone got so excited about the pork that I forgot to put them in the oven...okay so there goes the Martha Stewart!     

Tip: Put your fresh un-husked corn wrapped in a damp paper towel in the microwave for 7-8 minutes. You will get perfectly steamed corn in minutes and the husk and annoying silk will just fall off!     

Spread The Love Hot Sauce offers a variety of delicious flavors and are packaged individually or in a variety pack. 

Spread The Love with your family and friends, I know mine are so glad I did!! And I cannot wait to try them all!!

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July and God Bless America!


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