Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Magical Evening...

Don't you just love when a plan comes together...

When my husband and I have the opportunity to spend time together in cities he is working in I always take the time to make some thoughtful plans. And even though this trip would take us to NOLA, I started planning our evenings weeks ago. It is always a task that I enjoy doing but also take very seriously since his down time is precious to us.  And as many of you know, NOLA does not lack in dining options throughout the city. In doing my research for my blog and FB page, I came across a hotel in the French Quarter that my husband and I had visited over our Christmas weekend. The hotel posted a special dinner offered in their restaurant "Roux on Orleans" that intrigued me since we have a love for Louisiana crab...Louisiana Crab Lover Dinner.

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel...history from their website:

Since the beginning, food, music, dancing and gaming have been an integral part of New Orleans society, served by a multitude of restaurants, bars, ballrooms and gaming rooms. In 1817, entrepreneur John Davis hoped to make his mark on this rich social New Orleans scene. He did just that, opening what would become the famed Orleans Ballroom, where for the next 20 years, the city's love affair with dancing played out.
This early success led him build the Orleans Theater on an adjacent plot of land. Here he earned lasting recognition as he established French Opera in America and continued on to open opulent dining and gaming rooms that equaled the best in Europe.
But Davis' endeavors were soon lost as war destroyed most of the city's nightlife. By 1881, both the Orleans Theater and Ballroom had been acquired by the Sisters of the Holy Family for use as a school and convent. For the next 83 years they remained, until the need for expansion pressed them to sell the property to hotel interests. New additions would replace structures built by the nuns but the Orleans Ballroom would remain and begin a life more closely attuned to its opulent beginnings.
The Bourbon Orleans New Orleans Hotel is locally owned and committed to preserving the history and character of the Hotel for generations.

A New Orleans Haunted Hotel

Stories of the rooms and corridors of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel being haunted are about as old as the hotel itself. Prior to the hotel's existence, the site was home to the historic Orleans Ballroom and the Orleans Theater before being converted into a convent in the late 1800's. Ghosts who roam the halls and rooms of the Bourbon Orleans today, lived in all different eras of this building's history. There is the story of the Confederate Soldier or "The Man" that surround both the sixth and seventh floors. The ghost children and female apparitions found at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel are most likely from the era when the Sisters of the Holy Family operated a convent, girls' school, medical ward and orphanage. The famous Orleans Ballroom, home to the grandest social events of the nineteenth century, is also home of a lonely ghost dancer, seen dancing underneath the ballroom's crystal chandelier. The Bourbon Orleans Hotel ranks as one of New Orleans' top haunted hotels.

A beautiful and charming hotel that will take you back in time...
Check-out their website and FB page:

Roux on Orleans

From the moment my husband and I entered the restaurant located in the hotel lobby we were made to feel welcomed in a way that takes you back to the days when southern hospitality was a way of life. The hostess was warm and all smiles as she accommodated our pick of a beautiful table located by opened french doors.

It was a mild evening, with a nice breeze flowing through the restaurant.  And even though Bourbon St. is just one block over, we felt completely elegant as we watched others walk by in what seemed to be total envy.

We relaxed and enjoyed a few cocktails as we admired the menu and all it has to offer. Our young server was poised beyond her years with manners that would make any Mother very proud. However, on this night we were there for the crab lovers dinner which offers 4 courses from appetizer to dessert.

Louisiana Crab Lovers Dinner
served until April 10th

Salpicon of Jumbo Lump with Mango and Avocado
Salpicon is a term in French cuisine applied to a preparation consisting of one or more ingredients, diced or minced, and bound with a sauce.

Bursting with flavor!

Smoked Corn and Crab Chowder

The corn had the perfect amount of texture, still having a fresh crunch, filled with crab meat and just enough hint of heat to represent Louisiana.

Pan Seared Soft Shell
topped with Jumbo Lump Creole Meuniere and served with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and French Green Beans

I am at a lost for words...just looking at this picture makes my mouth water and brings back the memory of the amazing flavors in every bite! Perfectly prepared soft shell crab, generous topping of jumbo lump crab meat, a delicious buttery sweet sauce, fingerling potatoes offer just the right amount of starch to this dish and fresh french green beans with just the perfect amount of crunch with a hint of garlic.

Madagascar Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee
Topped with a fresh Blueberry Compote

 One of our favorite desserts and by this course we could of gladly shared this generous portion. Just a perfect ending to this amazing dinner! 

I know my pictures express the thoughtful presentation of our experience, however I cannot stress enough the quality of each course and the generous portions the Chef has waiting for you!

We were honored to meet Executive Chef Guy D. Sockrider during our visit, pretty amazing that he took the time to greet us.  After meeting him for only a few minutes it all made sense how Roux on Orleans not only exudes his passion for culinary excellence but also a sincere appreciation for us lucky customers that walk through those doors...   

You'll want to join their FB page for all the upcoming events:

And Chef Sockrider offers a wonderful blog: I have added him to my Fav Blog List!

If I haven't blown you away already, the entire 4 course dinner is offered for only $38 a person...really, how is that even possible!  

In today's times we all want to spend our money wisely, the quality of this experience both in taste and service far out way the cost of the evening...and that's refreshing!





  1. I am the line cook who prepared most of the curses for your crab dinner at Roux, and wanted to express our gratitude for your glowing review. We all are overjoyed that you had such a wonderful experience. We are a new restaurant and very much appreciate your warm compliments...hope you join us next time you are in town! Happy eating!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to respond to the post. It was certainly my pleasure to post about your restaurant. My husband and I will definately be back to visit as soon as possible...:-)

  3. Just discovered you today!

    My husband and I have been going to New Orleans a few times a year for the last 15 years. We think of it as our home away from home. Until we can actually live there, I take in anything and everything about New Orleans and the surrounding area.

    Thanks so much for your blog and allowing me to live vicariously. I look forward to diving into your past posts and upcoming posts.

    Amy K.

  4. Well hey Amy...welcome! So glad u found me and have a love for NOLA and Louisiana! I encourage you to post your thoughts/comments anytime...if u r on FB please come join my page too
    . Just click on the magnolia flower at the top of the blog...:-)

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  6. Hey Amy, I do see u on my FB page now...great!!


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