Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Real Cinderella Story...Louisiana Style!

What You Need For A Ball:

1. A Cinderella...check!

2. A Prince...check!

Who doesn't adore that scene in the Cinderella movie where the mice and birds put Cinderella's gown together. Well our local Macy's took care of the gown but because this ball is a Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball the only thing left to do are the masks.

I have longed for the days when I made my kids Halloween costumes, helped them make out their Valentine's and orchestrated all those "A" school!

Well the day finally came when my daughter approached me to assist her with Mardi Gras masks. The difference this time is she asked me 5 days in advance of the ball which is a huge change from the days of doing projects the night before they were due! 

We set off to our local Hobby Lobby to see what we could find. She had expressed to me on the way that she would like the stick mask version and a wearable one for her boyfriend.
Well the Mardi Gras gods were with us because we were able to find what we needed with ease and most of the items were on sale.

Here is what we purchased:

 We also found a silver decorated stick mask to embellish

And a plain black face mask to embellish

So this is what we accomplished:

The ball is this Saturday, so I will be sure to post pics of our Cinderella and her Prince...:)

Couldn't little Cinderella at 5 yrs sweet!

As promised, here is the lovely couple...




  1. AHHH LOVE!!! She showed me her dress and it is so pretty, cant wait to see the pics of them all decked out!! :)

    Great job on the masks!!!!

  2. Cool job with the masks! & cute pic at 5 yrs old! Have fun Alexa!

  3. Thank you for checking out my post! We had a lot of fun doing the masks and cannot wait to post more pics!!


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