Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's so funny about February?

Kids laughing= A better world!

National Laugh-Friendly Month joins Groundhogs, Hearts and President's in February!

In addition to other observations, February is National Laugh-Friendly encourage more smiles, laughs, and, while your at it, old-fashioned customer service. And during these difficult and stressful times for so many it would just seem hard not to participate.

Many top companies including Southwest Airlines and Chase Bank to mention a few celebrate this each February but also strive to incorporate into the company's philosophy all year long. If you fly on Southwest Airlines then you have already experienced this phenomenon. I myself admit that I have rolled my eyes a few times when those jokes start coming from the flight attendant. But if I was honest with myself, I would admit that it did take the edge off when flying. Like my favorite, when the flight attendant says "If you don't like my service, please feel free to use one of the many exit doors!"...LOL!    

So be extra friendly, and if you have the opportunity to make someone laugh this month do it! If you need a good laugh you go! 


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