Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Southern Love Letter...

A local outdoor event leads to an introduction to some really great guys...

On an absolutely gorgeous Saturday, Jt and I attended our local Cabela's Captain Weekend event. Along with supporting our local CCA chapter we met some great vendors,  one of which was Gulf Way Sportswear & Specialties. They are a new energetic company that shares an enthusiasm for the Gulf Coast Region and specializes in outfitting and promotional products. 

But what got our attention was their wonderful welcoming attitude and the fantastic t-shirts they had on display in the booth. The t-shirt that was front and center was their Navigation Collection, a collection of three styles that represent Grand Isle, Marsh Island and Delacroix Island. But in addition to these options, Gulf Way Sportswear would like to know the region where you like to fish. They currently have a campaign that allows you to get involved in customizing local sportswear,  and in JT's words..."it doesn't get cooler than that!" But from a female point of view that also shares the love of the coast, I loved the bright colored t-shirts with the pelican logo on the back. They come in a variety of colors, long or short sleeves...nothing wrong with looking cute while you're fishing!      

Now that I have discussed the business side of things, I saved the best for last. Gulf Way Sportswear & Specialties promotes events and issues unique to the Gulf Region, such as coastal conservation and development and that is exactly why they made my blog!

JT with Gulf Way Sportswear partners

JT's fishing map t-shirt

My cute coral fishing t-shirt

 The back of my the logo!

Get in contact with Gulf Way Sportswear & Specialties, they will come to you for an obligation-free introduction to discuss how they can enhance your marketing strategy.

We really enjoyed meeting them and we think you will too!


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