Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Southern Love Letter...

Today's post may seem redundant to my Facebook friends because I was so excited about my recent purchase that I posted a picture minutes after leaving the mall that caused quite a stir!  

This was my post: My new Rain Bops! Crazy but love them...:)

I really did think about my actions for a couple of seconds, knowing that the response may not be the one I was feeling or looking for. It didn't start off well as my first response was jokingly harsh. I took it in stride because if I was going to wear my new boots out in the world I would have to embrace my attraction to them and own it!  

Well things improved dramatically on my FB chat, as they all eventually came around and warmed up to these adorable boots! And when my conservative husband surprisingly referred to them as "bad ass" I decided to "strike while the iron is hot" and make them my next candidate for the Created with Southern Hands post. Not only do they create these fab boots in many custom designed patterns and styles they have a full line of accessories and home decor. But more importantly is the journey that owners Brent and Amy Bernard have taken to reach their dream without compromising their values!

Who knew these crazy boots that were calling my name to take them home would cause such a stir and have so much value and tradition behind them...I love them even more now! 

Here is their story from the website:

 Bernard Family

About Us

You never know where life will bring you. When Brent & I began Beehive in 2000, we never imagined we’d be a part of something as exciting as this has been. We have such wonderful customers and a truly great staff.

I started working at a very young age in my father’s mobile home dealership in Opelousas, LA. I cleaned many mobile homes and also taught swimming lessons on the side. I did this throughout my childhood & teenage years. Brent also started working at an early age. He was 9 when his career began in Natchitoches, LA. He & his brothers sold watermelons on the side of the road to customers headed for the lake. Their watermelon stand was known as having some of the best watermelons around. Even in our childhood, we both learned the value of hard work and dedication.

We met at Louisiana Tech University, where we both studied and earned our degrees. Upon marrying in 1989, we moved to Nashville to begin our careers. We quickly decided that wasn’t the place for us. Family is a big part of our lives and being far from home was difficult. We moved to Ruston, LA and started our own business. It was a gift shop near the University. For 10 years we provided unique and fun gifts to the public. It was very rewarding to see how our hard work paid off. People knew they could rely on us to provide them with quality products at a low cost and with the friendliest service around. After we sold our business, we became sales reps for TY. We did that until starting Beehive in 2000.

The experiences we have gained over the past 20 years have shown us what the public wants, what retailers need and having done all of that ourselves, it has given us the knowledge of being able to provide that from a wholesale prospective. Beehive strives to excel as the top nation-wide provider of fashion jewelry displays that are affordable, versatile and trendy.

Finding and designing new products for you has been our passion from the beginning. We have looked world wide for the latest and sometimes undiscovered jewelry and accessories for you to sell. These treks have taken us to India, Philippines, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and all of the United States.
Our two sons, Beau and Tatman, have been able to join us on several of our journeys. God has truly blessed us with a wonderful business and a loving family.

As we continue on our journey, we still maintain our passion and that is to design and find new and wonderful pieces for you to sell at great prices, even if we have to travel the world to do so. Thank you for your business and we wish you continued success and blessings to you.

Wear them proud...:)


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