Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Super Bowl staple with a Louisiana twist...

If you have the will power and haven't fallen off your New Year's resolution diet, turn your head now!

This was a special request from my husband and I thought it was worth a post as a "shout out" to him and his fellow coon-*ss!

I think he's trying to hurt himself since the Who Dat's are not playing today!

At least the picture is pretty!

Queso Dip with Andouille 

I won't bore you with the can get it on the box of Velveeta (Omg, who am I?), he added 1 pound of browned off ground beef and andouille.

Don't worry, I'll have the treadmill warmed up for him in the morning!

Please consult with your doctor before trying this at home...:)


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