Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To Paint or Not to Paint???

Need your help...or Nate Berkus's phone number!

I am kicking around the idea of painting my antique secretary desk. I love it's charm but I am being drawn in to the idea of adding some color and pizazz!

But does it need pizazz or should it be left alone and respected as is???   

My current desk with original finish and hardware, the middle folds down to reveal the desk and interior storage.

Not quite the same desk, but the concept is there. Paint the desk with a cool contrasting color inside and new hardware.

I'm thinking an antique black (semi-gloss) and a green or a simple creamy off white contrast inside...what are your thoughts?

After viewing this page, please return to my Facebook post or use the comment section below and give me your vote...pretty please!   



  1. Just want to encourage you all to leave me your thoughts and vote...:)

  2. PAINT!! Such a cute project idea!

  3. Leave it alone and respect it as it is...Ok, I had Susan look and we both feel it should be respected the way it is... Susan has one like it that was her Great Grandmother's, then her Grandmother's, then her father had it and now she has it in our living room. Susan does like the pic of the colored one on your blog, but that is my vote and I am sticking to it! What would the Antique Roadshow say? :)

  4. Thank you for your comments, they are greatly appreciated as I am so conflicted on this subject! So far between the blog and my FB page the consensus is to paint. I will post my progress soon...:)


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