Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christmas in February?

So now that I have your attention...

As many of you know, I lost my mother last October to cancer. I had stopped posting around August of last year and didn't have the energy to start blogging again till early this year. And just the other day I was looking at my pictures from Christmas and found our trip in New Orleans. Every year my husband and I plan a trip to the French Quarter the weekend before Christmas and just hang out. We make a reservation for a Revellion Dinner, go to St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square for carolling and of course shop!

Last Christmas we stayed at the beautiful Hotel Monteleone and attended dinner at Muriel's right in Jackson Square...the city was decorated so beautifully I couldn't resist sharing them with you'all...:)

Hotel Monteleone Tree in Lobby

Decorated shop window

If these reindeer's were for sale, they would of come home with me! 

Manger in Jackson Square

Restaurant entrance decorated

Decorated French Quarter home

Love It!

Carolling before dinner...:)

Hope you enjoyed, better late than never!


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