Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beautiful homes, gardens, new friends..and the dresses!!

Friday morning I met up with a group of ladies to attend the 40th Annual Audubon Pilgrimage in St. Francisville, LA.  My husband and I had already taken a trip to St. Francisville so I knew I already loved the area. However, on this trip we would have access to six plantation homes and gardens and I was so ready to actual see the inside to some of these exclusive homes.  

A little history of this event from Louisiana Office of Tourism: 

When flamboyant artist-naturalist John James Audubon arrived in the St. Francisville area in 1821, he said the rich lushness of the landscape and flourishing birdlife "all excited my admiration."  Having set for himself a staggering task of painting all the birds of this immense fledgling country, Audubon found the inspiration for more than 80 of them while residing at Oakley Plantation. Both he and wife Lucy tutored area plantation children to fund publication of his Birds of America

In celebration of Audubon's stay, the West Feliciana Historical Society's annual pilgrimage has since 1972 permitted privileged visitors an intimate glimpse of Audubon's scenic, unspoiled Happyland and it's historic homes & gardens, public and private.

We were privileged to tour:

Afton Villa Gardens
Rural Homestead
Spring Grove
White's Cottage

Please visit my FB page to view my photo album, it was a magical day!

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For more information regarding this spectacular annual event, go to:


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