Monday, August 30, 2010

The Saints and hanging out in New Orleans!

If you caught my last post then you already know that I surprised JT with pre-season Saints tickets. We took off Saturday afternoon and headed to the Big Easy for some fun and relaxation. After checking in to our hotel we immediately visited one of JT's spots, a home away from home when he is there on business. Not only is it directly across from the New Orleans Convention Center the couple that own it are like family to JT. The bar is called The Corporation, a hole in the wall for sure! The bar was completely destroyed after Hurricane Katrina, not by the storm per say but the vandalism. But they recovered and are trying to keep it going as the convention business slowly comes back. We stopped in to say hello and enjoy some really cold beers. But Ms. Pat would not let us go without making us one of her poor boys...we choose the soft shell crab. It was delicious!!

Then to the dome for the game, the city was nuts! I had never been to the stadium before so I was very excited...and it did not disappoint. The game was pre-season but you would not of know it by the size of the crowd or the enthusiasm. The game was great and we met a lot of great people around us...sooo friendly!

The next day we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, we had a cool front come in over night. That may sound funny but it was wonderful and very noticeable cooler with no humidity, if you have ever been here in August then you know what I mean. We decided to drive down to St Charles St., home of all the historic beautiful homes. We noticed the street cars running and what a perfect day to take advantage of the weather and the views from the street cars. I have always wanted to ride them but after Katrina they were not running for a while. After our ride we drove over to City Park and took a stroll through the park. It really is amazing and thank goodness has been restored since the storm. Before we left we could not pass on lunch at one of our favorite places...Ralph's on the Park. The restaurant is directly across from the park, we discovered it a couple of years ago when we visited the park for a Christmas event. It is a small intimate place, warm and friendly. On this Sunday they had a wonderful piano player Joe Krown, there to play for their traditional southern Sunday jazz brunch. It could not of been more perfect after a wonderful night before celebrating but a personal Sunday phone call from my sister in Florida that my mother is ill. JT and I were able to sit and just relax and take in the distractions of the music, people watching, friendly bartenders and oh the food! JT and I decided to start off with a Bloody-Mary for him and a Mimosa for me.  After much deliberation we decided as we do most of the time to try two different dishes and share. I chose the CRABMEAT RAVIGOTE NAPOLEON, layers of Israeli couscous & roasted corn, jumbo lump crabmeat & ravigote, topped with Barrilleaux Farm's creole tomatoes & English cucumbers tossed in a salsa verdĂ©.  JT chose the traditional Louisiana TURTLE SOUP to start and the CAJUN SCOTCH EGG , a soft boiled egg, creole country boudin, cheese grit soufflĂ© and corn maque choux. It looked so interesting already but the surprise was the egg was in the boudin!

It was a great weekend with my husband, hope you enjoyed the slide show! 

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