Monday, January 23, 2012

My Southern Living Challenge! Recipe #2

Southern Living's Best of 2011

We had family in town for the weekend so I thought it would be a great opportunity to make another January winner, Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles with Maple Blackberry Syrup. At first glance the waffles have a very intimidating appearance however the recipe is quite easy with it's use of the "baking mix".  While I was making my shopping list I did wonder, "baking mix"? Is this a special flour? I have had a love of cooking for a long time but baking is a new passion of mine. I decided I would just go to the store and head to the baking section on a mission to find this special "baking mix". Much to my surprise while having an internal LOL, I discovered this elusive "baking mix"'s Jiffy Mix or Bisquick!!  Too funny, and like the saying goes "you learn something everyday"!

I have had my waffle iron for a while but have only used it a few times. In the past the thought of making homemade waffles was just insane to me, especially when you can just pop them in the toaster from the store.  But I forgot how easy it is to use with the lights that flash when the waffle is ready, basically idiot proof! My only regret every time I have such a blast making something that I avoided most my life is that I didn't push myself to make all these homemade delights for my children growing up. However, they did have an amazing Nana (my Mom) that provided all of it for them so perhaps it's just my turn and an opportunity to be an extension of her.

Try this recipe, if you do not have a waffle iron no worries because they provide the option of making them pancakes which I'm sure are just as amazing.

PS: I added a little more lemon zest (probably double) than they indicated and I warmed Blackberry (seedless) Preserves and Maple Syrup together on the stove for the syrup...:-)




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