Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grand Isle Takes Time to Party!

For a day at least, life in this barrier island town reverted to something resembling normalcy Saturday as the fight against the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was set aside. In scenes reminiscent of times before the Deepwater Horizon disaster changed the fabric of life on Grand Isle, women in bathing suits rode around on golf carts while men in pickup trucks tooted their horns and shouted to get their attention. “This is the way Grand Isle is supposed to be but hasn’t been this year,” said Anne Leblanc, of Metairie, La., who said her family has been visiting the island for years. “This is the first time we came this year. With the oil spill there hasn’t been a reason to come, no swimming, no fishing.”

But the spill was not forgotten.

The Island Aid concert took the place of the annual tarpon rodeo, a fishing tournament wiped out by the oil spill.

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