Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonderful CCA luncheon at Drusilla Seafood...Tears for dessert!

JT and I attended our CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) luncheon today. We had a wonderful lunch together......pecan crusted fish, green beans with sausage and some amazing mash potatoes with cheese, bacon.....need I say more! The turnout was incredible but we already knew it would be because they had a very special guest speaker.....Billy Nungesser! Billy is a straight talking, no BS parish president in Plaquermine Parish. You may of seen him lately, tirelessly fighting with BP and gang on the oil disaster. CCA has also been very involved in developing and implementing a long term plan to make sure BP pays for what is coming years down the road. So we got through tough information, remembrance of the 11 lives lost in the blast and updates from CCA. And did I mention the introduction of an 11 yr old boy, Rory McCracken who on his own has developed his very own website to raise money to save the gulf (see link below)! Then they introduced Billy to the crowd standing on their feet with gratitude.....well if you know me, you know I cry at Hallmark commercials! It has been all over the news for over 3 months but seeing him right in front of me and the emotion on his face was just too much to take. I quickly recovered with a "little pat" and look of encouragement from JT. So even though Mr. Nungesser is the president of a parish around 70 miles away from our parish we all have him and his team to thank for all the progress so far on what will sure to be a long difficult recovery! We struggle here in Louisiana, its a double edge sword....the survival with the oil industry that has been such an important part of the economy and the need for more regulation and safety measures. The oil is capped for now but please check-out the following websites for how you can help financially or with your time to save our coast!

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