Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Southern Living Challenge! Recipe #4

Southern Living's Best of 2011

It's the second month of my challenge and I cannot believe it's February already. Guess the old saying is true "time flies when you are having fun!" 

Each month I look at the recipes and try and pre-plan when I will tackle each one. I always want to experiment when my family is home, they don't mind being my Ginny Pigs at all!  So with the family here last night for our town Mardi Gras parade I decided to make the only breakfast recipe for the month this morning...Praline Pecan French Toast.

French Toast has been a long time favorite with my kids, their Nana made her homemade version for them anytime she baby sat for me.  My Mom's French Toast was more traditional, sprinkled with powder sugar and drizzled with the best maple syrup she could find. But in my Mom's exceptional style she started with her very own homemade bread. Not from a bread machine but made by hand every month. My mom made all of our bread, I cannot remember any store bought bread in the house. She was and still is one hard act to follow!

Assemble this breakfast treat the night before for a fabulously easy and special morning meal. This dish would also be an excellent dessert...crispy edges and a soft middle that taste like bread pudding.

Here is the link to this recipe:

Some of my pics:

Praline mixture on the bottom.

I sprinkled a little extra cinnamon on the bread.

Chill for at least 8 hrs, but so easy to make the night before and just pop in the oven in the morning.



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