Friday, January 28, 2011

Is it Crawfish season yet?

It's Friday, and seafood is very traditional here on Fridays and now I'm dreaming about crawfish! Well we have about a month before the "mud bugs" are ready but it couldn't come soon enough for me. Before I met my husband I could relate to this cute story below, but I have to admit that now I can hang with the best of them and five pounds is no problem!

Crawfish consuming confusion
Laurie Kleinpeter Laville says, “The comment of the Northerner asking for a ‘grit’ reminded me of another case of mistaken numbers.

“We lived near Tampa, Fla., when we were first married, and connected with a bunch of other Louisianians.
“We decided to have a crawfish boil at the home of one of our fellow LSU alumni.
“When we were planning for the boil, one of their neighbors was there.
“We were talking about how many pounds of crawfish per person to boil, thinking the guys might want five pounds apiece and the girls three pounds each.
“Since I love crawfish, I said, ‘I think I can handle five.’
“The neighbor lady said, ‘And I will take seven.’
“We all said, ‘Whoa, you must really like crawfish!’
“She replied, ‘Never tried them before.’
“We said, ‘And you want seven pounds on your first try?’
“She said, ‘Pounds! I thought you meant crawfish! I think I could eat seven crawfish.’
“We ordered a pound for her.”

Check out Tony's Seafood in Baton Rouge, they ship!

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