Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finally something SWEET about the Sweetgum Tree!

A rainy Sunday and thinking outside the box!

Well another first! Didn't think I would ever have something "sweet" to say about our Sweetgum trees. We are blessed to have a line of these trees along the side of our home for privacy and a beautiful fall color scene but cursed in winter with thousands of "spiky balls" all over the yard and gutters.

 And what starting off as a joke with JT about doing something creative with these little annoying fruits (yes, starts off on the tree as fruit), I received my February issue of Southern Living. And as I was relishing in my new issue as I do every month, I came across a cute heart wreath craft project. The article suggest that you use natural items such as berry twigs from your yard to decorate a grapevine heart wreath. I don't have such berries but had one of my ah-ha moments and thought I have just the thing! Turns out I made a inexpensive but very cute wreath for Valentine's Day...what's the old saying..."turn lemons into lemonade?"

So on a very dreary rainy Sunday by myself (Umm, sometimes heaven!) I made it outside  between the rain and gathered up some. I then laid them out on newspaper to dry but found myself looking at them in a whole new light! 

Drum Roll Please...

I plan to use this on my back patio area outside so I wanted it to be on the rustic side. I actually love the texture of it...that is as long as you are not stepping on them in the yard! Ouch!

Hobby Lobby Trip:

 Grapevine Wreath...$6.99, but they are currently 50% off so paid $3.49

Super Thick Tacky Glue...$3.49, used my 40% off coupon so paid $2.09 

Organza Ribbon...leftover from Christmas

Grand Total...$5.58 

So even though my new craft project didn't make a dent in cleaning up the yard, I think JT will love the wreath!  

Oh and Martha Stewart..."Call Me"...:)



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